Jump Drives make an entrance in The Epic Space Game. Currently only Vultures have Jump Drive capability. But it's easy to pick one up at the Shipyard in Sector 0x0. Powercells have been modified so pilots can carry more. Just remember that one power cell can take you up to 6 sectors.

  • Jump Drives have been added.
  • Mimics, Singularities, Object Distance, and Object Health appear on Scanner.
  • Scan for specific types of Objects on Scanner.
  • Easier to see the Missions Interface on low res screens.
  • Launchpad can now be minimized.
  • Mission Interface now remains in position when changing sectors.
  • Powercells now take 5m3 of space instead of 10m3

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Developer Notes

For testing purposes, you must have enough power in your cargo for your jump, the jump itself will not consume power for now. Happy Testing and be sure to send us bugs.