Various bug fixes and improvements to the game. This release is scheduled for no later than Monday, February 25th 2013.

  • Commas have been added to the Station Marketplace.
  • Collision Polygons on Combat Rifle Bullets and the Companion Crate have been improved.
  • Combat Rifle Bullets now have more kinetic power.
  • All Apollo Parts have been integrated. See here for full listing:
  • Ship Hud Fonts now appear correctly.
  • Ship Hud Icons now work correctly (Opacity/Clear Chat Window).
  • Pilots can now reply to private messages received in game.
  • Pilots can now transfer credits to other players.
  • Namecheck now supports underscores when sending a private message or transferring credits.
  • ESG Lite, now saves your current session to a local logfile for debugging later if needed.
  • Minor Changes to the Login Screen.
  • A new Image Server has been launched. Images that are not in the database now display a black/silver crate.
  • For the remainder of the closed beta, Server Side backups are made every 10 minutes and uploaded to an external server. So if you run into a problem such as your inventory getting wiped, don't worry, just submit the bug report and we'll retrieve your data.

Developer Notes

There is a good chance the Station Marketplaces will be removed entirely from the game and replaced by the Auction House in Sector 0x0. This will create a common meeting area for players to network and trade in game items. However, players will still be able to craft and customize stations to fit their needs.

Also working on a editorial regarding "Instant Gratification" in games and how it applies to The Epic Space Game. This has paved way for a gameplan on Missions which are scheduled to be released after the Auction House.

What role is the Auction house supposed to play?

As we're experimenting with the new Crafting System, players will need a place to quickly attain ingredients. When the AH is deployed, players will not receive instant updates on Sold items. But this will be coming after the Missions system.

Do I have to use the auction house for trading?

No, you can still receive payments from players, and send items using the in game mail system. Just make sure you trust the buyer/seller.