No more space lag! Yay!

Ok so a lot to get into. For starters, Version 3.0 will be the final demo release. That means it will remain on the website perpetually so players who are not apart of the closed beta can try out the game before considering to pitch in towards our hardware goal. It'll be a copy of the primary universe, minus the ability to permanently destroy Stations, Planets etc...

Ok so that's about 3.0, what about version 3.1?

Version 3.1 introduces a downloadable plugin that will solve two things:

  • Improve PVP Combat substantially by transmitting data over a UDP port. (Port: 7788)
  • Allow NPC data to be received blazingly fast.
Also Note:
  • For the time being the plugin is only available for the Windows OS (A Mac version is priority)
  • Version 3.1 will be limited to Closed BETA Pilots only. (Yes, Ben Kirk: -- I know I owe you a few keys, they're coming.)

Since browsers currently don't allow these types of transmissions, the only alternative is a plugin, and an eventual native OS release (Coming later).

So, now that we can transmit data faster with the plugin, we can vastly support more players, and vastly receive more data from the in game universe. This is really really exciting as I'm also launching a separate server just to control the new AI. (Woah!)

Get ready to wage war. But first, lets implement 3.0 tomorrow and 3.1 shortly after.

Questions? Comments? Threats? Post it. (No threats please.)