Promotions are monthly events where the total amount of Merits each pilot has earned that month is tallied up. A pilot is promoted if they meet the minimum required amount of merits for the next rank and have Founder status. (Note: It is not possible to skip a rank.)

Alliance Navy RanksEdit

Image Name Acronym Required Merits
Admiral ADM 360
Vice Admiral VADM 340
Rear Admiral (Upper) RADM 320
Rear Admiral (Lower) RDML 300
Captain CPT 280
Commander CDR 260
Lieutenant Commander LCDR 240
Lieutenant LT 220
Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG 200
Ensign ENS 180
Sergeant Major SGM 160
First Sergeant 1SG 140
Master Sergeant MSG 120
Sergeant First Class SFC 100
Staff Sergeant SSG 80
Sergeant SGT 60
Corporal CPL 40
Private First Class PFC 20
Private PVT N/A

Ranks and CraftingEdit

One of the benefits of Promotions to a higher Rank is that you will be able to craft additional items. The following items are available to be crafted at each promotion.

Private (PVT):

7.62 Ammo, Aluminum Alloy, Cordite Alloy, Fuel, Fused Silica, Monocrystal, Tritanium Alloy, Water

Private First Class (PFC):

Acrylics, Sheet Metal, Strong Metal Pipes, Strong Metal Plates

Corporal (CPL):

120mm Cannon, Ceramics, Electronics, Plastics

Sergeant (SGT):

Oxygen Tank, Plutonium, Power Cell

Staff Sergeant (SSG):

Armor Plating, Hydraulics, Short Panel

Sergeant First Class (SFC):

Communications System, Flight Controller, Hawk Missile (CIM-1),Medium Panel, Power Conduit, Repair Kit Small

Master Sergeant (MSG):

Fiber Optics Cables, Long Panel, Purification Filters, Reflector

First Sergeant (1SG):

Avionics System: Series A, Cargo Bay: 5m3, Drilling Rig, Plasma Coils, Purified Oxygen

Sergeant Major (SGM):

Cargo Bay: 50m3, Fuel Tank: 1000 ton, Life Support: Small, Turbo Combustor: 128 CMD

Ensign (ENS):

Antenna Dish Array, Avionics System: Series B, Composite Armor, Light Equipment

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG):

Cargo Bay: 500m3, Heavy Equipment, Ore Extractor, Power Generator, Reactive Armor, Repair Kit Large

Lieutenant (LT):

Avionics System: Series C, Fuel Tank: 2500 ton, Refinery, Turbo Combustor: 256 CMD

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR):

Cargo Bay: 2000m3, Charged Armor, Cockpit (Apache), Fusion Reactor, Hull Series 100, Life Support: Deluxe

Commander (CDR):

Apollo (Dismantled), Cockpit (Dolphin), Engineering Section-Apollo, Engines RS-35 Hull Series 200, Hull Series 300

Captain (CPT):

Artemis (Dismantled), Bridge (Pegasus), Engineering Section-Artemis, Engineering Section-Falcon, Engines RS-65, Falcon (Dismantled), Hull Series 400, Hull Series 500

Rear Admiral- Lower (RDML):

Bank Vault, Engineering Section-Mining Ship, Engineering Section-Vulture, Engines RS-200, Hull Series 700, Life Support Module, Mining Ship (Dismantled), Repair Kit Extra Large, Vulture (Dismantled)

Rear Admiral- Upper (RADM):

Cargo Ship (Dismantled), Communications Array, Engineering Section-Cargo Ship, Hanger Bay, Power Plant, Station Parts Assembly, Trade Hub Assembly

Vice Admiral (VADM):

Fuel Factory Assembly, Power Plant Assembly

Admiral (ADM):

Ammo Factory Assembly, Shipyard Assembly

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