Welcome to Epic Space: OnlineEdit

Epic Space is a unique mmo in the sense that the universe you're placed is INFINITE. So it's easy to get overwhelmed about what to do.


The very first thing you should do -- GO SCANNINGEdit

Drop what you're doing. Don't doc. Fly around and point your ship at a planet, nebula, or asteroid belt and hit the SCAN button on the lower right of the hud. Just above the server clock.

Scanning Enables you to:

  • Find quick and sometimes valuable loot now
  • Make money a little faster(Sell to other players or stations)
  • Raise your HT Level

How to Scan:

  • Fly near an Asteroid, Planet or Nebula
  • Point your ship towards it (Don't get too close)
  • Hit the scan button

Important Notes:

  • If your scanner yields no results, MOVE ON. Continuing the scan is fruitless. Besides there are millions of other objects to scan.
  • Watch your Fuel, don't fly too far without picking some up
  • Don't forget to Discover objects. You get $20 for each celestial object discovered, and $100 for completing an entire sector.

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