Basic resources can all be mined, harvested, salvaged or found directly in the game.  Basic resources are combined to produce Parts used for ship construction and also include basic items such as Fuel, Ammo and Power Cells.

Aluminum Ore:  Mined from Aluminum asteroids and are used as a basic construction material.

Cordite Ore:   Mined from Cordite asteroids.  It is combustible and is essential for all explosives.

Tritanium Ore:  Mined from Tritanium asteroids.  It is a great conductor and is essential for electronics and energy production.

Ice Ore:  Mined from Ice asteroids.  It is a basic coolant and has various applications ranging from life support to optical displays.

Scrap Metal: Salvaged from Wreckage or Space Trash.  A general purpose additive used to strengthen or hold other resources together.

Oxygen:  Harvested at planets.  It is required for Life Support and is combined with Fuel in the main engines.

Crystals:  Harvested at planets.  It is used in Electronics and Strong Metal Plates which are a key component in basic construction panels.

Carbon:  Harvested at planets.  It is a necessary ingredient for Power Cells and for Ceramics which are used to make armor plating.

Petroleum:  Harvested at planets.  It is used for Fuel and Plastics, another basic construction material.

Radioactive Material:   A very rare commodity found only at Dead Stars.  It can be refined into Plutonium, an important power source.

Relic Pieces:   They are found randomly in space and contain a very high concentration of the rare element Allurium.  The TAC Alliance have offered rewards for their retrieval, so that their research into Faster Than Light Travel can be developed further.

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