Important Note: Autopilot was removed in 4.0.

Autopilot is a command added in version 2.7. It is a simple command that allows players to fly to a chosen sector automatically.

In order to use the Autopilot command, you must first enter "/autopilot 0x0". This is the basic command to assign the sector you wish to travel to. To select the sector, simply replace the "0x0" with the coordinates for the desired sector. Once you enter this command, simply increase your thrust to the level, then enter the command "/enable autopilot" this command will engage the Autopilot. As long as your ship is currently moving when the enable command is entered, your ship will automatically steer itself to fly into the sector you entered.

Once your ship arrives in the sector you entered, it will slow to a stop and the Autopilot will deactivate.

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